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Corned Beef Ribs



In the U.S. corned beef and St. Patrick's Day goes hand in hand and many come together over this meal in celebration. This is my interpretation of this traditional feast.
Corned beef ribs are something I started playing around with a few years back. I still use the same brine recipe I posted in my blog Corned Beef on a Stick. I did, however, change the cooking technique in this version. Click here

Black Bean Tacu Tacu



Tacu tacu is an Afro-Peruvian dish consisting of beans and rice mixed together then fried to make tortillas or small pancakes that are wrapped around fried plantains, fried beef or fried eggs. Click here



Corned Beef on a Stick


  Corned beef has to be one of my favorite foods. I love it with cabbage and potatoes, on a reuben or just all by it's salty, fatty delicious self. Iím not talking about the sliced crap you get at the local supper market, itís the slow braised hunks of cured meat right out of the pot, falling apart hot tender corned beef.

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Corn Bellies


  A continuation of "Fun with Pork Belly - in Multiple parts"

OK, now that we got the most common use of pork belly out of the way, BACON, lets move to something a little more interesting. Corn Bellies anyone? Click here



Beef Short Ribs


   I got your beef right here... beef short ribs, that is. These are not your every day short ribs, the kind you find in the supermarket or in Korean style cooking. These are monster, untrimmed, meaty, beef-pork ribs. Like any cut of beef short rib, they need to be cooked low and slow for a long time to make them melt in your mouth tender.

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The hamburger is the perfect backyard food to experiment with. There are endless possibilities when creating a recipe and every bar and gastro-pub has their own interpretation of this simple concept. Here in Philly, every time you turn around there is someone advertising the "best" burger! I say the best burger is the one you create yourself. I put together a few burgers to share. Click here



Stuffed Pork Belly




I'm kind of obsessed with this cut of pork, which you may already know from my previous postings - Fun with Pork Belly - in multiple parts. Fatty delicious belly of pork, bacon is made from this cut, spare ribs are cut from it and it hold the intense flavor... the essence of pig. OK, I obviously have issues here so let's not linger. I'm not reinventing the wheel with this one, it's just my interpretation of a classic.

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